We are a marketing agency built on creating ideas and behaviors that spread from person to person within a culture through effective, positively disruptive, and grounded methods.

Who We Are

Who We Are

We are passionate about driving sales with psychology.
We Are the Meme Agency

We are Blue Sky Thinkers, but we are also business savvy. Our tenure in the marketing industry has taught us that elaborate overhead does not make a project any better. In fact, overhead can kill projects before they can get started.

We are

We are grounded. We are centered with an unpretentious approach. We are realistic and balanced with strong principals and a keen understanding that there are many ways to have an impact. Our goals are to exceed expectations by producing great work, having amazing customer service, and building meaningful relationships that last.

We are

Every business partner you engage should be looking for results. The question we ask is, are the results effective in accomplishing our objectives?
And so, we aim to be effective. We are looking to make a real and positive impact on every project we touch. In fact, if we feel we cannot be effective with the results we seek, we will decline an assignment.

We are

We are disruptive. We aim to interrupt our OWN notions of how marketing should be done and investigate ways of how marketing could be done to achieve new...and better results. Like the giant formations that interrupt a horizon, we work tirelessly to disrupt the landscape of your business vertical.

What We Do

What We Do

The left-side of the brain is best at tasks that involve logic, language, and analytical thinking.


The right-side of the brain is best at expressive and creative tasks.


If your brand isn’t making a statement, what’s the purpose?! meme has a passion for the particulars of processes and project management, but boy, oh boy, do we have a sick creative streak!


The icon, name, mascot or symbol by which you identify your company and relate to your target audience has impact on your bottom line. Defining your identity or any piece of your company’s brand puzzle is a challenge we truly enjoy and choose to accept. We dive into your industry, your culture, your customer...and come up with a collection of ideas that will allow you to put your best foot forward in tackling your marketing strategy. Your brand, after all, is just the start.

Print + Online

Print is not dead, and its online counterpart is alive and well. How your brand’s message rises to the top amidst the clutter of both is a matter of creative expertise. Collateral, advertising, packaging, stationary, banners, social media backgrounds and graphics – the list of potential creative needs runs long, but it must be relevant, consistent, and stimulating.


Have something to say but can’t find the words? Have the words, but need an overhaul to make a greater impact? It’s your brand. You must speak with authority, and then take care to protect your proprietary investments. No matter the word count, meme is available as a partner to help.


Budgets and time demand an agency be agile and available for its clients production needs. Shooting a commercial? We’re in. Creating some sizzle for a sales meeting? Count on us. Need commercial photography to help amplify your efforts? Consider it done. Need music and/or voice-overs to sonically deliver a message? Ya, we’ve got that, too. We have world-class talent at the ready and the know-how to produce stellar work. Leverage the efficiencies of meme so your budgets spread wider.


Your brand is unique. The marketing strategies that bring your brand to life should be unique, too. We have the experience to deliver relevant and effective solutions that will generate results.

Strategy + Idea Development

Ahhhh, the intangible marketing spend. It’s the first to get scrutinized and the first to get cut. And for good reason. If it’s not producing results you can measure, it should take the stand and be questioned! With every day bringing us a new tactic and a new twist, knowing what marketing strategy works best for your brand and making sure the channels chosen are cohesive requires careful consideration, research and a keen eye.

Online Marketing

While your brand may come to life on a printed piece or a package, today’s marketing strategies start and stop online. And the conversations you create in the digital marketplace are critical; they should not be taken on without a plan that considers every stakeholder in your company. Sales, customer service, operations, account management, public relations, production – how is each online platform, each message shared, connected for the best outcome?


Is there another brand with which you might partner to successfully amplify your marketing efforts? Possibly. meme has an extensive list of relationships with leading brands and the know-how to introduce ideas for strategically – and authentically! – partnering to drive results. From the introduction to the Letter of Intent, exchange of ideas to execution: meme.

Live Events

How your brand comes to life in full view of your consumer must be rehearsed...and then recorded to use for even more! Be it a tradeshow or a private VIP experience, meme has the know-how to bring your brand to life in every element imaginable. We’re even available to emcee. No matter what the guest list looks like, meme is available as a partner to help.


While your brand may come to life on a printed piece or a package, today’s marketing strategies start and stop online. And the conversations you create in the digital marketplace are critical; they should not be taken on without a plan that considers every stakeholder in your company. Sales, customer service, operations, account management, public relations, production – how is each online platform, each message shared, connected for the best outcome?

Social Media Marketing

Tweets! Likes! Pins! Shares! Oh my! The platforms are many, and which you choose matters. Even more than that are the results you measure. From your company profile to the conversation you’re having with customers, we’re looking to create consistent impact without you worrying how. It starts with active listening and ends with a plan to cut through the media "noise". 

Web Development

As your online storefront, your website should successfully serve your customers’ needs for information, products and service. A great website is relevant, fresh, optimized, dynamic, and always features a smart call-to-action. It should feed your social channels and aggregate your successes through analytics. And you should be in the driver’s seat for it all. meme is available as a partner to help.


The what, when, why, how, where and to whom of everything you say matters. Effective messaging is a result of planning and persistence. We take this responsibility seriously.

Cultural Intelligence

Before we can truly connect with your consumer and build the type of relationship where he or she becomes an advocate for your brand, we must first work to understand this person with whom we aim to interact. Psycho-graphics, demographics and the fine details of cultural intelligence are all critical considerations in any plan, big or small.

Project Management

Managing the details of an initiative as it comes to life can be overwhelming. Without timelines and the tenacity to follow-through with every vendor, department, decision maker and partner, efforts – and results – can be squandered. Make sure your money is being spent wisely and your brand is in good hands.

Public Relations

Gone are the days of media contacts and simple press releases. Today’s public relations landscape is as diverse as it is endless. Knowing who to contact with what content and how an outlet can work for your brand is an ongoing study in persistence. Large publications are just a start. Blogs, influencers, circles, freelance writers, Yelpers, regional/local publications, committees and even more are up for contact. But they aren’t waiting for you. Your outreach must be relevant, timely, and consistent.

Sales Collateral + Promotions

The fine folks pounding the pavement on your behalf have a personality all their own. They are incentivized by rewards and do their best when they have materials that are relevant and fresh. meme has been on their side of the desk, and we understand firsthand what it takes to break through the clutter enough to grab that decision maker’s attention. We can decorate your halls or overhaul your brochures. Big or small, meme is available as a partner to help.


The meme agency takes customer engagement to an entirely different level by providing products that can truly capture your audience.

Whether your goal is to generate additional revenue streams, disseminate important information, or create a unique functional multimedia centerpiece for your lobby, the effectiveness of a customized MASS ME experience is superior to any other local marketing medium.

9 News Interview

Yes, you can purchase a typical kiosk for your business...but why would you?

Audio and/or visual, art has always had a profound effect on the human psyche. the meme agency places a strong emphasis on the artistic direction of each custom MASS ME Experience. The aesthetics of MASS ME grabs the attention of the viewer and a powerful customized content management system, with your information, keeps them engaged.

Progressive companies looking to utilize a unique internal or external medium that demands attention and increases (ROI). MASS ME takes an artistic approach to high-tech signage.
  • Display company brand, products, and/or services
  • Generate advertising revenue
  • Download proprietary business updates real-time
  • Drive customer sales with rotating call-to-action commercials
  • Be a point of destination at trade shows and conventions
  • Create a unique point-of-sale display
  • Customized content management system
MASS ME guarantees a captive audience for your message.

MASS ME (Multimedia Art and Signage System) is technology infused art "experiences". From wall mounted structures to free standing sculptures, MASS ME is designed to inspire businesses and/or private art enthusiasts in the creative process of personalized multimedia compositions; providing maximum stimulation and functionality for the audiences.

Video – The Making of Damn You Look Good
The making of the Damn U Look Good project: MUSIC VIDEO
Music written, recorded, arranged, produced, and mixed by
Tommy McMillion for the meme agency
Vocals : Sethe Tucker

What We've Done

What We've Done



A brand is the perceived identity of and emotional connection with your company and its products and services. A brand identity must be consistent and constant to be effective. You want unified branding in everything you do, from your company logo to your annual report—otherwise, your employees and prospects get mixed or conflicting information.

Branding is about developing a customized, uniform image for your business—your brand—internally and externally. It attracts attention, tells your story, sets you apart from your competition, and makes it easy for them to buy. Successful brand marketing is a crucial factor in increasing initial and repeat sales.

Branding speeds up your success timeline by integrating many elements of your marketing and advertising at one time. Instead of writing your marketing plan one quarter and designing your logo the next, the meme agency works on them at the same time, as two elements of one big picture: your brand.

It used to be that all a business owner needed to be successful was a business card, a yellow pages ad, and a decent product or service. That won’t work anymore. Now you need a website, marketing collateral, brochures, and so much more.

The meme agency ensures that your message to prospects is consistent and clear. Part of the brand-building process we help with is crafting marketing and advertising strategies to entice clients to buy—not just once, but as often as possible. If we can create raving fans, your business will be successful beyond your wildest dreams.

If your brand identity isn’t strong and recognizable, there’s a disconnect between you and your audience. You’re sending the wrong message or sending too many jumbled messages. You want a brand image for your company that not only creates awareness but also encourages prospects to buy and cultivates their loyalty. The meme agency can do this for you in the quickest, most direct way possible. Branding is a strategic plan to tell your story to the world!

Your logo is just one piece of the puzzle that is your brand. Your logo is important, and it plays a significant role in your brand marketing because it’s the visual representation of your company. But it’s not your brand. Branding ties together all the elements of your marketing and advertising—including, but not limited to, your company logo.

We use a proprietary information extracting process called the meme Senses Methodology (mSM). The meme Senses Methodology is designed to take the marketing discovery, development and implementation process from the roots of psychological engagement. It’s a "science". We use the findings to develop your brands unique Sensory Signature and that Sensory Signature allows us to develop the ultimate Brand Standards document.

At the meme agency, we take the time to listen to you, and we want to hear it all—good and bad. We need to know everything about your company and your story in order to brand you properly. We don’t know what you want—you do, even though you may not realize it—until we delve into your story. Then, we narrow down what you need, create your vision, and deliver it to you. But you’re in charge.

Most big companies freshen up their brand image every 7–10 years, regardless of circumstances, by doing minor alterations. Changing fonts and color combinations or eliminating shapes can keep your company from looking obsolete. If your company has experienced a transformation such as a merger, a new company direction, or a company name change, you need to update your company’s brand identity.

Yes, you can. You would be surprised at our range of services and how affordable our packages are. When you’re molding something as important as your brand identity, you need to interview branding specialists to find the right person for you.

The meme agency needs to communicate your vision. The right person will listen, help you determine what is best for you, and get it right the first time—saving you money. Hiring Cheap Brands, Inc., is almost always a disappointment because they won’t listen, they can’t and don’t take the time to learn your story, and you end up on the revisions merry-go-round because they just don’t get you and your message.

A custom-designed corporate logo is central to your brand building. You want to set yourself apart, and a custom logo is one excellent way to do that. The last thing you want is someone else using your logo. Prospective clients need to take one look and know your corporate logo instantly. So yes, you absolutely, positively need a customized logo.

When you work with the meme agency, you can expect a partner in your success. We will talk about your company’s strengths, weaknesses, target audience, and goals. We’ll look at your current brand marketing and figure out what’s working, what’s not, and how to get on the right track. You won’t be lectured or ignored. On the contrary, you’ll be encouraged and treated as the brilliant entrepreneur you are. After all, you’ve come this far!

In broad terms, web development is the work done to create a website that will live online (on the world wide web) for users to access and interact with.

Depending on the type of website you need, various tasks are necessary. For most website development projects it requires, planning, design, content creation, engineering, systems administration, and project management as well as standard SEO and Analytics implementations. Some sites will also require API integrations or integrations with other 3rd party tools.

For ecommerce websites, you will need integrations with a cart, payment gateway, and even potentially a fulfillment provider.


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The Meme team is a collection of extremely talented and seasoned professionals that are assembled specifically to fit each individual project. We have developed long term relationships over the years and have vetted who does what best. This keeps our budgets accurate, our overhead low, and allows us to attach the BEST skills required for every project we decide to take on.

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